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Our Story. Your Journey.

NUmeals was started to make clean eating easy. Easy to enjoy, easy to stick to and easy to reach your goals.

Why should our customers only eat well when they visit our cafes? Why shouldn’t they be able to eat well every meal of the day without worrying about cooking, cleaning and finding healthy options.

NUmeals is a fresh alternative. Our café locations across the country allow us to reach more people, quickly. Cooked to order, we do not need a large factory. Instead, we make our NUmeals out of our Nutrition Station kitchens.

We use only fresh, wholefoods. We have no time for additives and preservatives. Regardless of what you order from us, you can guarantee that it’s great for your health and wellness.

We love making a difference in people’s lives, regardless of the goal. We help anyone and everyone, from those losing weight, to professional athletes. We strive to be the best, so you can be your best.  

Eating clean, natural foods should not be discriminatory. NUmeals works. Health food is health care and should be available to everyone.