Light Up One Corner

Ichigu wo Terasu

Dengyo Daishi said ""What are a nation's treasures? True riches are one's faith in Buddha, and those who call it so, and therefore it has from times long ago been said that true riches are not material things but that which shines light into a dark corner."

The principle of "Light Up One Corner" is needed more than ever in the world.

Manifesting compassion to the world, either through means of physical, emotional and even financial support. The act of selfless giving shines a light into the lives of others and ourselves.

Right now in the United States, and much of the world, we are seeing a strong surge of selfish behavior. The insults ringing from all over, we need more than ever to be a light, a beacon to those that might feel forgotten and hated. They, we are all part of the Dharma.