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January 25, 102

New Years resolutions for Buddhist (or 10 Good Precepts)

I resolve from this moment forward:
  • To avoid violence
  • To protect life and health
  • To avoid taking which is not offered
  • To respect the property and space of all
  • To avoid abusing others for selfish gain
  • To develop significant relationships
  • To avoid the confusion of dishonest words.
  • To thoughtfully express the truth.
  • To avoid violent, disturbing and unduly critical speech.
  • To communicate health, happiness and peace of mind to everyone I meet
  • To avoid causing alienation, doubt and division among others.
  • To promote harmony and positive momentum to bring out the best in everyone.
  • To avoid the dull contentment of small talk.
  • To encourage all to speak purposefully from the heart.
  • To avoid greed and envy
  • I will be enthusiastic about others' fulfillment as I am about my own.
  • To avoid anger and maliciousness
  • To promote the enjoyment of life and encourage others with my smile
  • To avoid comfortable narrow-mindedness
  • To strive for the personal realization of truth.

Yours in the Wonderful Dharma,

My Dharma Name (Tokushin)

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